Boarding Information

Here at Acres Way, we are open 7 days a week, 9AM to 3PM, during which time you are able to drop off and collect your dogs. The only days we are shut to the public are, Christmas day, Boxing day, and New years day. We do shut at 12pm on bank holidays. During these hours, the phones are manned so that should you have any questions or concerns, you will be easily able to get hold of a member of staff. Our kennels do fill up rapidly, so we recommend booking well in advance to ensure your place.

We cater for all breeds and sizes, from the largest Great Dane to the tiniest Chihuahua. We are more than happy to administer medications and special diets, and you are welcome to bring your pet's bedding, although we do provide warm and comfortable beds for all of our guests. Our first and foremost priority is ensuring our guest's happiness and comfort at all times. For those families with more than one dog, we have extra large kennels so there is no need to split them up. This will also bring down the cost of boarding if you choose to board more than one dog in a kennel. (We can arrange for them to be fed separately if you request it).

Both long and short stays are welcome, but in either case we do require that all our guests are completely up to date on their standard annual vaccinations. We don't require kennel cough but do recommend it, this would need to be completed 2 weeks prior to their stay. We will need to see a vaccination card when you drop off your dog and retain the document for the duration of their stay. If you are unable to drop off or pick up your dog, we may be able to provide this service for you at around £10 each way in the local area - please contact the kennels and speak to a member of the team for more details as costs vary due to distance.

You are invited to inspect the kennels at any time during business hours; no appointment is necessary. We look forward to seeing you.


Below is a list of our prices. Please note, prices are per dog, per night.

As of 1st of January 2018 our pricing will change, it will be calculate per day rather than per night. Please call into the kennels for more information.

Small Breeds
e.g. Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier
Medium Breeds
e.g. Cocker Spaniel, Stafforshire Bull Terrier
Large Breeds
e.g. Labrador, Border Collie
Giant Breeds
e.g. Great Dane, St Bernard

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Additional Walks

Every dog boarded with us is given a short walk each day (health and weather permitting). However, we understand that some dogs have a greater exercise requirement, so we have introduced our additional walks service. This means you are able to book for your dog to have additional walks of half an hour or an hour on as many days during their stay as you wish. All dogs are walked by themselves, unless specifically requested otherwise.

Prices are £10 for half an hour, or £15 for an hour. Please book any additional walks at reception when dropping your dog off for their stay.