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Lily, Yorkie cross, 6, Female

Name : Lily Age : 6 Breed : Yorkie cross Loves : She enjoys a walk in the mud and one 2 one attention. Looking for : Lily would be ideally suited to a single person or couple. She only likes to do things on her terms and has been know to nip. She is […]

Milo, Jack Russell Terrier, 3 years old, Male

Name : Milo Age : 3 Breed : Jack Russell Terrier Loves : Milo loves going for walk and getting his nose into all sorts. Looking for : He’s not great with other dogs and has been known to nip, especially children, so ideally a 1 dog home with only adults.

Ralphy, Staffie, 8, Male

Name : Ralphy Age : 8 Breed : Staffie Loves : Lots of fuss and attention Looking for : Ralphy is a lovely fellow and is very gentle. He is very affectionate and would make a brilliant family dog with older children.

Lulu, Staffie, 5, Female

Name : Lulu Age : 5 Breed : Staffie Loves : Lulu has lots of energy and really enjoys play time Looking for : Lulu can be very choosy about which other dogs she likes and due to her energy, can be boisterous at times so wouldn’t be best suited with younger children

Cleo, Staffie, 4, Female

Name : Cleo Age : 4 Breed : Staffie Sex : Female Looking for : Cleo is very loving, albeit a little vacant sometimes. She has lived with another dog but is not accepting to every dog she meets. If she is to be rehomed into a family it would need to be with older children. […]

Chip, Lurcher, 2 Yeard old, Male

Name : Chip Age : 2 Breed : German Shepherd cross Sex : Male Looking for : Chip is very sociable and is enjoying his walks with all his friends here. He is calm and well mannered and is suitable to live with children although is not suitable with other small furries.

Patch, Pekingese, 8 years old, Male

Name : Patch Age : 8 Breed : Pekingese Loves : A quiet life and not to be over fussed. Looking for : This little lad is typical of the breed, he likes to be top dog and likes to be in charge. He is looking for a child and pet free home.    

Diego, 3 years old, Doberman, Male

 Name : Diego Age : 3 Breed : Doberman Loves : his food and lots of play time Looking for : After years of being used as a stud he is now looking for a loving home to call his own. He is a strong lad and needs some training on the lead so will need someone who will […]