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Here are a range of frequently asked questions we get asked, if your question isn't listed here please call us on 01268 770402

General FAQs

I've found a stray, what should I do?
I have lost my dog and have been informed the warden has taken it to the kennels?
I can't keep my dog any more, will you re-home it for me?
Are your dogs neutered/spayed?
I live in a flat, will you re-home a dog to me?
Why can't I reserve a dog via email/phone?
What happens if I adopt a dog, then my circumstances change and I am no longer able to keep it?
What are your visiting hours?
I'd like to help out by making a donation, how do I go about it?
How do you spend donations?
I'd like to volunteer my time to help out, how do I go about it?

Boarding FAQs

Are the kennels heated
Can I check out the kennels before I bring my dog
How many walks will my dog get