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These are just some of the dogs we have successfully re-homed.

Layla, Collie cross, 1-18 months, Female

? Name : Layla ? Age : 1-18 months ? Breed : Collie cross ? Loves : Lots of fuss and long walks ? Looking for : A busy family environment and lots of exercise. She would be ok with children over the age of 10 but can be very full on around other animals so would benefit being […]

Gunner, 8+, Staffie

Name : Gunner Age : 8+ Breed : Staffie  Loves : He loves a walk and his grub and somewhere comfy to sleep  Looking for : Gunner is a lovable old boy, sadly due to neglect his ear canals have pretty much healed over which leaves him very hard of hearing. He could possibly live […]

Bullseye, Frenchie cross Staff, Male, 5

Name : Bullseye Age : 5 Breed : French Bulldog cross Staff Loves : One on one attention and his food Looking for : Bullseye had come from a fairly volatile environment where he had been fighting with another larger dog. This can make him nervous at times. He would not be able to be […]

Dylan, Jack Russell cross German Shepherd, Male, 1-2

🐾 Name : Dylan 🐾 Age : 1-2 🐾 Breed : Jack Russell cross German Shepherd 🐾 Loves : His walks out and a comfy bed 🐾 Looking for : He is not overly keen on other dogs so needs a pet free home. He loves to walk and likes to make himself known when out and about! He […]

Bear, Rottweiler cross, 4, Male

 Name : Bear  Age : 4  Breed : Rottweiler cross  Loves : His food  Looking for : Bear is a lovely lad and a gentle giant. He can be very nervous of new people but once he knows you he becomes your best friend. He wouldn’t be suitable with children and would need to meet other animals within […]

Oscar, Boxer cross, Male, 2

Name : Oscar Age : 2 Breed : Boxer Cross Loves : Lots of play time Looking for : Oscar will need an experienced dog owner as he is deaf. He responds well to hand commands and enjoys human contact. He is ok with other dogs but wouldn’t be able to live with another as he can be quite […]

Arnold, Male, 1-2, Shar Pei

Name : Arnold Age : 2 Breed : Shar Pei Loves : Lots of attention and his food Looking for : Arnold is quite a quiet lad who enjoys his food and a good walk. He has tested well with other dogs but would recommend he meets any other pets in the home. He would not be 0sorted to […]

Big Joe, Male, 7, Rottweiler cross

 Name : Big Joe  Age : 7  Breed : Rottweiler cross  Loves : Big cuddles and his food  Looking for : Big Joe is a lovely older boy. He loves human companionship and would be best suited to an adult owner/family. He’s very friendly but can be over eager with his food. He would not be able to go […]

Jerry, Labrador cross

  Name : Jerry   Age : 2-3   Breed : Labrador   Loves : Jerry loves lots of long walks and is very affectionate towards his owners.   Looking for : Very experienced owners that know how to handle a larger dog. Not to go with children as he can be unpredictable and nervous of new people. Would need […]

Gizmo, Chihuahua, Male, 8

 Name : Gizmo  Age : 8  Breed : Chihuahua  Loves : One to one contact  Looking for : Gizmo is a quiet lad that would ideally fit into an adult home. He has been known to nip when nervous and prefers to come to you rather than be bothered. He cannot be rehomed with children and would be best […]